Turkish Neo-Ottoman project

Turkish Neo-Ottoman project


The strengthening of Turkey and therefore more active foreign policy, in other words Neo-Ottoman project, has caused a deterioration of its relations with the West and Russia. One of the main goals of this new program is the Turkish occupation of the Syria, because he sees the country as part of the Ottoman Empire and that seems to be more important as its security zone, without which foreign programs are subject to failure. In its turn, in the formation of the  «New Middle East», Syria has an important role, therefore, Turkey understands that  every change in the situation there also implies a change in the situation for himself. He presumably understands that war is gradually tightened its grip around him and eventually will penetrate into the territory of Turkey, and as  danger of it persists in the country in connection with the Kurds,  tries to export the war to the other regions. He is doing it by instigating wars in these regions as it happened in the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in time of the four-day war or by creating hot spots through  so-called   Islamic State  draw international community’s attention and resources  on them, but not Syria and his activities inside the country.

Considering all this, it becomes increasingly clear that Turkey must at all costs take control of  Syria in his  hand, and the West’s, Russia’s and other interested parties  such as Iran’s growing presence here, to put it mildly,  does not match his programs. He was thrown into hysteria by not only this fact, but also by  the « Islamic State’s» defeats, for which Turkey’s political calculations  fail. Turkey can go to the decisive actions that will have very dangerous and irreversible consequences for him. First, it will enhance cooperation between Russia and the West  especially in Syria, which Turkey is trying to balance through the  instigating new passions against them in the Islamic world without success. Second, and it is not secret, the trend of using the Kurdish factor by  Russia and the West as a counterbalance against Turkey, which can create serious problems for Turkey  finally splitting Turkey and the Turkish society. In other words, if Turkey is prepare for  serious military actions in Syria, should seriously be prepare for internal war and perhaps also internal revolution.

Karen Sirunyan