Turkey military coup attempt death toll rises to 90

Turkey military coup attempt death toll rises to 90


The death toll during the military coup attempt in Turkey has risen to 90.

Over 60 casualties were reported earlier, and including among civilians.

As per the police chief of Turkey, a total of 16 participants in the coup attempt were killed in the clashes that took place during the attempt, and 250 people were arrested.

He added that around 200 unarmed soldiers have surrendered to police.

A total of 754 people, who were involved in the coup attempt, have been arrested, reported Anadolu news agency of Turkey.

On Friday evening, media reported about a military coup attempt in Turkey. Military vehicles appeared on the streets of Ankara and Istanbul, and there were shootings and explosions.

A group of Turkish military officers announced about seizing power to restore constitutional order, and ensure human rights and freedoms in the country.

Colonel Muharrem Köse had organized the military coup attempt in Turkey, reported the Turkish media.