Turkey is a country which has always played in the contradictions of...

Turkey is a country which has always played in the contradictions of the West and East-Karen Sirunyan


The modern world is so that the events or phenomena are subject to rapid changes. So it’s no wonder that yesterday’s  enemy can become your today’s friend. The same happened in case of Russian-Turkish relations. Change is change, but we must understand the reasons owing to which they are held.

Turkey found itself in a difficult situation as a result of its foreign and domestic policy. On one hand, he began to have trouble with his counterparts in the West, on the other hand,  with Russia, why not with Iran. They are so serious in nature that some of these parties have started to review their relations with Turkey. These relations are accompanied by tough rhetoric, raising the Armenian and Kurdish issues in the international arena, for which Turkey gradually  becomes isolated  from the world. The country’s economic situation is getting worse. Finally there is the Kurdish factor, which at any moment could be used against Turkey, and  a Kurdish state or autonomy can be created.

Such a situation and especially the policy of the West forced Turkey to review its relations with Russia.  But it should be noted that this relationship will be purely superficial  considering the obstacles that exist between these countries.

First of all, the issue of Syria. It is clear that the increasing presence and influence of  Russia  is causing great concern in Turkey which will not abandon the policy of subjecting Syria to himself. The parties will not abandon Syria or Russia and Turkey will reach an agreement on the division of zones of influence here, but  the West may oppose it. In fact, Turkey does not abandon the policy of increasing its influence in the Caucasus, and  Russia and Iran  will oppose it  simultaneously. It is clear that Russia paid an  expensive price  for cutting a region from Turkey too in some historical periods, and now will not allow the strengthening of Turkey’s role  here. And if their agreement on Syria is possible, it should be excluded here at all.

Besides there is the factor of Azerbaijan. It is clear that Russian-Turkish rapprochement may lead to revision of the Armenian-Turkish relations and opening of borders, which is in favor of the West. But  how will be  the position of Azerbaijan, which is the opponent of the policy of opening the borders without preconditions, is a great problem. It is clear that in case of improving of the  Armenian-Turkish relations  Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will be weakened, which is not beneficial for Baku, which will try  to prevent the establishment of such relations.

Turkey supports the «Islamic State», against which Russia is fighting  in Syria. Russia itself is terror-stricken country, besides it is also a matter of prestige,  for which he will not give up the fight against the «Islamic State».  Even without it  sanctions are implemented against Russia, and this country does not need new problems.

This urge West to take drastic actions for which  the Kurdish issue will be reviewed again and will clarify the status of Turkey, and  Russia’s participation in that process is possible.

But Turkey is a country that is constantly played on the countries’  contradictions, concentrating on  its own benefits. There is nothing surprising, that he will appear as a friend hiding behind the mask of  his  own political objectives, deceiving all sides in the end. Such examples are many, but would not be bad once recalled Kemal policy, when he announced that he was a bolshevik, and ensured  the West that he shared their values and would  help in order to realize its objectives. As a result  he lied to anyone implementing Pan-Turkic plan.  All this  allows us to conclude, that economic relations will be restored, but the political contradictions are underlying and without resolving they are subject to freezing again.