The attempt of the military coup in Turkey

The attempt of the military coup in Turkey


The attempt of the military coup in Turkey is undoubtedly linked to the country’s foreign and internal politics, which is not well accepted outside  and inside the country, which showed this coup.

Turkish foreign policy success  make  troubles for outside forces which somehow will have to suspend operations of that country  for which various measures,  including a coup, will be  taken, which is experienced and successful method for such cases.

Within the country, as can be seen not everyone that is  pleased  from the government: especially  some part of the army and kurdish forces, as well as Gulen’s supporters who want to overthrow Erdogan’s government  the day before. So in this coup the cooperation of these forces is not excluded.

Perhaps all this was unexpected for Erdogan  because he has taken some steps in terms of making a serious cleansing and taking control of army since coming to power, but events proved that he failed. The problem is that the army is largely under the control of «Deep State» or Ergenekon  and overcoming of this barrier to put it mildly is a  serious problem.

The coup was of course aimed at overthrowing the government of Turkey and  now it fails, but it does not mean that this will end. The forces that are interested in this issue will continue to make efforts to succeed and change Erdogan’s  foreign and domestic policy.

Naturally  some change in the situation in Turkey will led to  rearrangement  of regional forces here. Turkey will focus on domestic issues, while weakening external political activities in Syria, Iraq  and in Nagorno Karabagh  issue which will enable the RA and NKR get an advantage over Azerbaijan. This will also let the regional  players especially Russia and Iran get an advantage over Turkey, and the global players  increase their impact here and make  the country more governable.

So the process won’t  end  with only this attempt of  revolution. In the future we will witness various events that will not be positive for Turkey.

Karen Sirunyan