If our Parliament has not recognized and condemned the Holocaust, Why do...

If our Parliament has not recognized and condemned the Holocaust, Why do we demand the same from Israel


Israeli parliament on July 5 with 24 votes in favor approved the proposal of representative of a government and the resolution condemning the Armenian Genocide sent for further examination of the education committee again. On July 8, 2015, the Knesset Education Committee considering a draft resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide decided to ask the National Assembly for the proposal to put it to the vote at the plenary session, but it was not put. Known Israeli scholar of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies, racism and contemporary Jewish Studies  expert Yair Auron stated that Israel has avoided from allowing public discussion of the conduct of a free vote on the Armenian Genocide cases  for the fear  of alienation from  Israel’s chief ally   USA and Turkey’s government. It is no secret that Israel’s position regarding the Armenian genocide  too controversial  for which there are many reasons, including diplomatic. On May 16, the Israeli Parliament Speaker Joel Edelshteyne  called on the government to recognize the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire. Joel Edelshteyne urged not to remain indifferent to the sufferings of Armenians, although now it is slightly late. I remember that the discussions on Armenian Genocide has started since 2010 by the Knesset for  several times, but each time, taking into account the factor of Turkey, Israel’s parliament postponed a vote for the resolution.

The fact of sending for  redesign of the Armenian Genocide resolution by the Israeli parliament on July 5 caused disappointment of the representatives of Armenian Community in the hall. However, it should be noted that a significant portion of our society is not even aware of how many contributions of the  representatives of the Jewish people made to inform the international community about the Armenian Genocide. For example, US Ambassador Morgenthau in Constantinople  during World War II, who presented with documents the Armenian Genocide to the people with Jewish origin. And  the most printed book in the world on Armenian Genocide  “The 40 Days of Musa Dagh”’ s author Franz Werfel also was a Jew. And there are many such cases.

On the other hand over decades in the Armenian society has deliberately been developed  the false idea that Israel does not recognize the Armenian Genocide, as Holocaust is unique. This is certainly  a special point of view not having any scientific justification and developed by third parties, as every genocide is unique, and there is no unique genocide in the international practice. The Recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel is  mainly connected with political factors, but  not a historical fact, which was often noted by renowned Jewish historians. The main problem, however, is in  Turkish influence in the East and his  involvement in the Palestinian Issue, which we will cover in more detail in our subsequent analysis.  However, the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Israel is also connected with mutual steps. A section of the Armenian public is not even aware that Armenia’s parliament has not recognized and condemned the Holocaust, which was adopted by all the advanced countries of the world. Let me remind that the Italian Parliament in June of this year  also received criminalizing  resolution of Holocaust denial according to which deniers of Holocaust and other genocide and war crimes committed  against humanity will be sentenced to 2-6 years imprisonment. Consequently, the question arises: why the Israeli parliament should recognize the Armenian Genocide, if our Parliament does not recognize and condemn the Holocaust.

The director of the «Orient» Research and Analytical Center, historian Gevorg Melkonyan